It’s your turn: Give an impressive speech

Murmuring, getting a read head or sweating. Many people feel like that talking in front of an audience. A study shows that three out of four people hate talking in front of others. The other possibility is being a natural.

Everyone would love to be one of these naturals. Guess what, most of them learned how to be good public speaker and had some coaching. One famous example is King George VI who couldn’t give a proper speech without murmuring. The King took some therapy and speaking lessons and succeeded eventually. They even made an astounding and interesting movie “The King’s Speech” out of it. It shows that even the greatest need help. (Cenere, Gill, Lawson, & Lewis, 2015)


Image 1: Public speaking fear

Finley (2013) is dead on by saying “We’ve all suffered through boring, droning sleepfests that disguised what really was exciting science. On the other hand, we’ve also seen well-delivered, energetic talks that made exciting something that we thought would be deathly dull.”

Skills for giving a good public speech can be developed over a period of time through a lot of practice. Although there is no real formula for being a good public speaker. There are quite some important tips you should follow:

You should practice and prepare; know your audience; be yourself; keep eye contact and use your body language. Applying all these tips will make you more likely to succeed and give an outstanding speech. (North, 2015)

Try it and you’ll succeed.


Image 2: Giving a great speech: Martin Luther King Junior


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